LUO LIH-FEN Group Was Invited to Participate in the Program of "China Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation" Organized by China Brand Innovation And Development Project

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  With the faith of discussing brand innovation and forging the future of the brand, LUO LIH-FEN Group was invited to participate in "China Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation" of China Brand Innovation And Development Project.

 "Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation" that means encouraging people to start up business and innovating has quickly swept across China after Premier Li Keqiang’s proposal at the Davos Forum.

      On March 30th, the program of "China Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation" organized by China Brand Innovation and Development Project and 2016 annual topic selection meeting(Fujian stop) of Piloting, the securities information column of CCTV, was kicked off in Days Hotel& Suites Mingfa Xiamen. Dozens of representatives of outstanding entrepreneur from all walks of life gathered at the activity. As a well-known enterprise on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, 31 years of brand accumulation and strong influence in beauty industry makes LUO LIH-FEN Group the key guest of this activity. Lin Jianping, senior executive deputy general manager of LUO LIH-FEN, attended the meeting on behalf of the Group and was interviewed by reporters from the column group of Piloting.

       In the interview, Lin Jianping mentioned that the program of "China Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation"  covered all provinces and cities across the country, focusing on stories about entrepreneurship and innovation of three generations of makers—the old, the middle-aged, and the young, which showed the spirit and style of contemporary entrepreneurs and had a faithful focus group. Therefore, he hoped that the media would give positive reports, enough exposure and support to the start-up small and medium-sized brands, so as to achieve effective media supervision, clear the industry attributes of enterprises as they was registered, rationally reduce taxes and entrepreneurial pressure and help forge more innovative Chinese brand.


        Brands have become an important driving force for the current enterprise to occupy the market. LUO LIH-FEN Group takes "changing and learning” as its development strategy, attaches importance to brand in the thoughts, develops brand in growth and builds brand strategically. The Group has not only been committed to science and innovation of product R&D, but also scored the imprint of LUO LIH-FEN in every marketing, every publicity and every corporate culture.

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