• 1A small victory relies on the intelligence, while a great victory relies on the moral standards.      
    When the wealth is gathered, the people are departed; when the wealth is handed out, the people are gathered.
  • 2Take the cause of Luo Lih-fen as your own cause, but take none of Luo Lih-fen’s benefits.
  • 3The revolution of concept and manners of thinking is fiercer than that of technology, software and speed.
  • 4Do the right things, and then do them right.
  • 5Make the complex matters simple, and make the simple matters perfect.
  • 6There is no miracle, only attentiveness and the strength of getting focused.
  • 7It is better to get injured in the training, rather than get killed in the market.
  • 8Market is battle field. Training is to prepare for a battle.
  • 9A strict teacher produces outstanding students. Focus on the professional skills and put emphasis on education.
  • 10Character first, integrity first.
  • 11Three steps towards success: choose the right strategy, make up your mind, and apply the right solution.
  • 12Power of execution means speed, accuracy, and complete implementation.
  • 13Be practical, responsible, and non-stopable.
  • 14“Have faith in our professional skills as well as your determination to become beautiful-------Luo Lih-fen opens      
    up a door towards beauty in front of you.”
  • 15“Luo Lih-fen Brand is what I will cherish with all my life. I will commit myself to one thing and one thing only,      
    which is to spread the beauty of Luo Lih-fen.”
  • 16“Quality is what matters in market competition ------products are the lifeline of Luo Lih-fen Group and the      
    weapon to won more customers.”
  • 17“We care about every inch of your skin, and we will repair your skin layer-by-layer-------------healthy skin      
    comes from regional care, and we strive to make all beautiful by taking care of their skin.”
  • 18“Professional skill is the lifeline, while service is the life span; the brand relies on the lifeline as well      
    as the life span.
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