Year 2023

Year 2023, Let’s Reshape Empowerment and Move Forwards for Further Growth ~~

Year 2022

Year 2022, Convergence - Exploring New Increment

The Then Member of the Standing Committee of the National Political Bureau Visited the Group for Inspection and Research

Cui Yuying, Chairman of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Visited the Group for Research and Study

Lotus Cream Became the Holder of Guinness World Record™ Title

The Company Won the “National IP Advantage Enterprise” Honor

President Unit of Fujian Daily Chemicals Association

The Company Awarded the Honorary Title of “2021 Economic Construction Merit” in Zhangzhou Taiwan Investment Zone

Luo Lih-Fen Was Awarded with the Base Legislative Contact Point in Fujian Province

"Hibiscus root/stem extract", a new cosmetics raw material independently innovated and developed, has passed the record, becoming the first new cosmetics raw material to pass the record in Fujian Province

Year 2021

Year 2021,WE——Reborn  

Won the "Fujian Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".

Medical beauty project - Xiamen Ruilijia industrial layout sets sail.

The main body of intelligent production building in A area of 3# plant was topped off.

Won a gold medal and 4 silver medals at the 48th International  Exhibition of Invention of Geneva.

"Development and industrial application of key technologies for the extraction and separation of high viscosity polysaccharides from Narcissus Tazetta Bulb" project is listed in the science and technology plan of Fujian Province.

Signed a technical cooperation agreement with Huaqiao University on the Development of MOF Intelligent Carrier for Targeted Transmission of Cosmetic Active Substances.

Be rated as the key recommended brand in the column of Brand of China

Won the "National Quality Leading Enterprise in Cosmetics Industry" in China quality month

High-end brand, Mallskin established.

Won the 2021 IFSCC (International Cosmetics Science Conference) "Top 10 Thesis Award"

Won the title of "Brand China Project" construction pioneer brand in the cosmetics industry

Capture the second Huangpu ▪ "The Top Ten Self-developed Raw Materials Award" and "China Excellent Paper Award" of the South Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Technology Innovation Conference

Year 2020

Toward New Life, Grow Together

Won the honor of "Fujian Province May 1st Labor Award "

Appraised as "Advanced Enterprise in the Fight Against the COVID-19"

Won the honorary title of "Economic Construction Project" of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone in 2019

Appraised as "Advanced Unit of Zhangzhou Family Planning Association"

Appraised as "District Employer Wage Payment Trustworthy Unit in 2019"

Won the honor of "National Top 100 Quality Inspection Integrity Benchmark Enterprise" in China Quality Month

Won the honor of "National Quality Integrity Benchmark Enterprise" in China Quality Month

Co-created the <Stem Cell Microecology Joint Research Platform> with the Translational Medicine Center of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Xiamen University

Year 2019

Focusing on the materials which better for you

A delegation represented by Zheng Jianmin, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Vice Governor of Fujian, visited Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

A delegation represented by Zhao Jing, Director of Fujian Provincial Taxation Bureau visited Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Expert Advisory Committee of Technology Center in Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established.

Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was awarded the qualification of “Provincial Technology Center”.

Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of Leading Enterprise of Fujian Science and Technology Giant.

Juwenlee Technology Center received the CNAS Accreditation.

Luo Lih-Fen Group established cooperation with Taiwan Tzu Chi Hospital. 

Ms. Luo Lih-Fen, President of Luo Lih-Fen Group, won the “Innovative Management Award for Outstanding Mainland Taiwanese Merchant Award in 2019”.

China Quality Month•“National Quality Leading Brand in Cosmetics Industry”

China Quality Month•“National Quality Leading Enterprise in Cosmetics Industry”

China Quality Month•“National Advanced Enterprise of Quality and Credit”

China Quality Month•“National Excellent Enterprise of Quality and Credit”

China Quality Month•“National Advanced Enterprise in Quality Inspection”

Year 2018

Glory listing for witnessing the brand power

Luo Lih-Fen Holdings Co., Ltd. listed successfully.

Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. won the “2017 Cross-Strait Cooperation Contribution Award”.

Juwenlee (Fujian) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was awarded the “Integration of Informatization and Industrialization” Management System Certificate.

Luo Lih-Fen Group and China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry jointly established an efficacy evaluation laboratory for professional cosmetics.

Luo Lih-Fen Group signed contract with Christy Chung (Zhong Liti) as the image spokesperson for Luo Lih-Fen Group.

Year 2017

In 2017, the company focused on management standardization and strived to go public.

The company received the title of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2016”. 

Year 2016

In the new thirty-year journey, the company returned to Taiwan and launched the campaign of going public. 
In 2016, Luo Lih-fen Group launched the “Whole New World” campaign.

The company received the tile of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2015”.

The company received the qualification for “Employment and Internship Base for College Graduates in Zhangzhou”.

The company cooperated with the fashion group, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

President Luo Lih-fen was appointed “the third president of ILF Foundation International Leadership Association”

The trademark of SUNLILY was awarded “Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”.

Year 2015

In 2015, the company made remarkable contributions and glories.

President Luo Lih-fen was awarded “Silver Shield” by the White House.

DRAISE came into being.

The company received the title of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2014”, and became the key backup enterprise to be listed.

The company received the title of “Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”.

Year 2014

In 2014, the company enhanced its competitiveness and won a great many honors.

President Luo Lih-fen was awarded “Global Pioneer” by International Leadership Foundation (ILF).

The company received the title of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2013” and the title of “Technological Innovation Center in Zhangzhou”.

Year 2013

In 2013, the company embarked on an international journey.

President Luo Lih-fen had an interview by Yang Lan, which was popular among the beauty industry.

President Luo Lih-fen received the“special award for Chinese Americans” by the White House.

Year 2009

In 2009, the company launched the cooperation with colleges and universities. 

It worked with Eastern Liaodong University in the building of “Luo Lih-fen Image and Health Management School”.

It also worked with other colleges and universities.

The company initiated the practice of education in coalition between beauty companies and colleges as well as universities, which in turn enhanced its marketing performance. 

Year 2008

In 2008, the brand decided to speed up the development.

The brand of SUNLILY came into existence, and its products began to enter the market.

Year 2006 - Year 2007

In 2006 and 2007, there was a great breakthrough in market and production, and perseverance brings about magnificent transformation.

There were over 20 distributors in provincial and municipal level; the production base in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province was completed; the production plant of Jiawenli Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was relocated from Xiamen to Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Area.

Year 2004 - Year 2005

In 2004 and 2005, the company focused on the operation of the brand and market competition.

The brand of GLINGLUO came into existence; Brand Franchise was launched; the company embarks on a new journey of beauty industry

Year 2002

In 2002, Ms. Luo Lih-fen’s beauty career expanded into mainland China.

Jiawenli Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen with a production
plant in mainland China.

Year 1986

In 1986, a miracle was derived from a dream.
Ms. Luo Lih-fen founded her first beauty and body company in Taiwan.

Luo Lih-Fen Group has been always dedicated to bringing you beauty. Since Ms. Luo Lih-Fen founded the 1st beauty salon in Taiwan in 1986, we have been continuously improving our professional ability, accumulating the energy of conveying beauty. Ms. Luo Lih-Fen, the founder, attaches great importance to the Greater China Region market. Therefore, in 2002, she established Luo Lih-Fen Group's production base in Xiamen, Fujian, China, namely, Xiamen Juwenlee Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and then relocated it to Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone in 2006.

We have been continuously cooperating with academic and scientific research units at home and abroad for more than 30 years. After launching GLINGLUO series, we successively launched SUNLILY and DRAISE series. By the establishment of a subsidiary in 2019, we launched QIECOME, a health care brand, and Easybio, a new retail brand. We not only offer high-quality products but also inherit the beauty culture of the founder Ms. Luo Lih-Fen and the craftsmanship of the beauty service industry and the way of successful management. Meanwhile, we can provide the new generations who are willing to devote themselves to the beauty industry, beauticians who are eager to enhance their professional skills or managers who look forward to promoting their salons' operation and management with appropriate course & consulting services together with systematic training and consulting services of our institute's system. As a missionary of beauty, we are growing vigorously to be an enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sale, consultation, etc. in promoting our beauty business.