EasyBio's Brand Introduction


Brand Mission

Make Everyone Healthy and Beautiful!

Brand Vision

Achieve the health and beauty of one billion people with the quality of science and technology!

Brand Values

Customers first and Brave Innovations!

Believe for Trust!

Embrace Change and Live for Now!

Live Seriously and Work Happily!


Brand Characters

Simple, Beautify Skin Elaborately

Beautify every inch of skin elaborately with a simple way of skincare,

Professional, Refresh Skin Deeply

Refresh the best state of skin with the artisan spirit of intensive scientific research

Ageless, Back to Youth

Using without interruption can reverse the age of skin and get the skin back to the young state


I. Brand Origin:

EasybioFounded in 2019, Easybio belongs to Luo Lih-Fen Holding, a listed group of professional skincare products with a history of 34 years in the Chinese beauty industry. The creation inspiration of the brand comes from President LILY LUO, a model of ageless women. With her beautiful and elegant appearance and optimistic and open-minded attitude, she has shaped the "unlimited", "ageless" and ethereal life style and attitude of charming women. With the keen insight into the skin management of Chinese women, the skincare concept that great truths are always simple, patented ingredients refreshing skin with science and technology, she advocates the internal and external improvement of urban women and renewing the ageless beauty.

External: The brand focuses on refreshing skin with professional science and technology, aiming to break the shackles of age and stay young with a healthy skin state;

Internal: The brand is committed to making women around the world embrace the "unlimited" lifestyle and enjoy the more ethereal "spiritual beauty".


II. A Brand under the Beauty Salon Line that Focuses on the R&D of Cosmetics for More than 30 Years

1i. Refreshing Skin with Science and Technology & Model of Domestic Products

Easybio Regarding "refreshing the ageless beauty with science and technology" as the brand concept, taking letting Chinese use skincare products suitable for Chinese skin as their mission, Easybio gathered several scientific research talents in the field of skincare, established the "Joint Laboratory for Efficacy Evaluation of Professional Cosmetics" in cooperation with the China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry. Easybio has concentrated on creating scientific research bases of professional cosmetics and had several national patented ingredients and formulations with significant effect now. Relying on series of skincare products with the core value of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and advanced patented technology, Easybio has become an influential skincare brand in the Chinese cosmetics industry.

2ii. Outstanding Efficacy & Patented Ingredients

EasybioEasybio knows very well that Chinese female consumers have gradually preferred simplicity and fast effect. According to many years of R&D experience in professional products of beauty salon level, in order to meet the increasingly high product demands of Chinese women consumers for skincare products, only concentration, profession, conscientiousness, continuous clinical validation and experimental optimization can achieve the current simple skincare steps, outstanding effects and users' comfort experience.


3iii. Proved Word of Mouth & Good Reputation

Easybio EasyBio's new products have come into the market. Nearly 4,000 Luo Lih-Fen beauty salons across the country and about 220,000 end customers have tried the new products. The three ageless steps of "Locking, Refreshing, Tightening" replaces the complex skincare products and lengthy steps with the excellent effect of staying young, and lets consumers enjoy the relaxing and beautiful life in simple skincare.


III. Factory meeting the GMPC 100,000-level Pharmaceutical Production Standard + Nine Patents

Professional Products = Advanced Technology + Unique Formula + Complete Supply Chain

In order to provide better products for you, we have been working in the cosmetics industry for more than 30 years, and have been working hard!

We have been honored as one of the Top 100 Daily Chemical Enterprises in China, National Quality Leading Enterprises in Cosmetics Industry and a series of honors.

The research and development center has developed 9 patents including "the method of continuous extraction of effective components from cherry blossom by supercritical carbon dioxide"


IV. Produced by national only Joint Laboratory for Efficacy Evaluation of Professional Cosmetics

Found in 1930, the China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry has engaged in the research and development of surfactants and household chemicals, and it is the only national research institute in this field.

In 2018, Juwenlee, EasyBio's parent company, cooperated with RIDCI and established the "Joint Laboratory for Efficacy Evaluation of Professional Cosmetics".