Brand Introduction

The birth of QIECOME originates from a good wish of President LILY LUO: let more women achieve more natural and purer beauty from the inside out.


Since ancient times, it has been the common dream of all women to stay young forever and keep beautiful appearance. For 34 years, Luo Lih-Fen Holding has always adhered to the concept that health is the beginning of beauty. With this good original intention, Luo Lih-Fen Holding has continued to explore Oriental women's care way for many years. Regarding the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine as the guiding ideology after persisting in studying the ancient Chinese medicine culture, and working with many scientific research institutions to carry out the program of keeping healthy of QIECOME, through lasted three years of research and exploration, the Group founded QIECOME which takes care of the health of human bodies and brings out young states so that women can show young states more naturally.


Brand View of Keeping Healthy

QIECOME believes that "keeping healthy" is not single external conditioning,

but "letting the body and mind get a rest-cure and cultivation through scientific care."
Let the elegance live forever by the beautifying power of keeping healthy with science and technology.


The Message for Consumers:
Keeping healthy is to heal the body and become healthy
Keeping healthy is a scientific and comfortable lifestyle which brings us a calm and vast mind
QIECOME makes women confident and charming like spring



Brand Values
丨Metabolic Circulation

Diet and the external environment bring more and more adverse factors to the body and these adverse factors form more and more junk toxins in the body. It is necessary to expelling noxious substance before keeping healthy and it is a way of keeping healthy that QIECOME puts first.

丨Stay Young
The study of Chinese and western medicine shows that the problem of body senescence is mostly attributed to the senescence of internal organs, the blockage of meridians and collaterals, and health problems caused by the autonomic nervous system, metabolic circulation system and endocrine system. Only by improving the above symptoms, we can get healthy, stay young and truly improve the body's anti-aging function.

丨Keeping Healthy with Science and Technology

 The company actively exchanges scientific research results with the China Information Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is elected as a council member of the China Information Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. QIECOME was awarded the title of "Traditional Chinese Medicine's Characteristic Diagnosis and Treatment Technology for Sub-health Conditioning". The Company and CIATCM have made efforts together to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine, improve the academic level of traditional Chinese medicine of the community level, and guide the medical treatment service of traditional Chinese medicine of the community level.


丨Extraction Technology

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Technology: It is widely used in the extraction of thermo-sensitive natural products for its characteristics of high selectivity, ultra-low temperature, environmental protection, non-toxic and others. The natural state of the effective ingredients can be truly restored and high-quality effective ingredients can be provided for cosmetics by using this method to extract cosmetic effective ingredients from plants.

Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction Technology: Ultrasonic-assisted vibration effect can enhance the permeability of solvents and promote the full release of active components in plants. The high efficiency and high quality of effective ingredients extraction can be ensured by using this technology to extract ingredients that are hard to be processed.