Reach for the Top Again | Luo Lih-Fen Successfully Won the Guinness World Record™ Title, and Lotus Cream Charm Amazed the World

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On the evening of July 30, 2022, at the scene of the Luo Lih-Fen “REVIVE” Beauty Industry Leaders Summit, the Guinness Challenge ushered in a historic moment in Luo Lih-Fen. Nearly 10,000 people on the site challenged the Guinness World Record™ Title with the event of ‘Most people use face cream online and offline at the same time’, and finally got the official site certification by the Guinness World Records, successfully creating a brand-new world record.



Join Hands with Thousands of People Pressing the Cream to Create a New Record


As we all know, the Guinness World Records is recognized as the authority of the global world record certification. It has 67 years of professional history record certification, and has a very high brand recognition in China. China’s infrastructure project ‘the highest bridge in the world’, ‘the highest dam’ ‘the longest tunnel’, ‘the fastest’ created by the sports star, and ‘the best 24-hour sales’ for the poverty alleviation initiative...... Over the years, the Guinness World Records has continuously stimulated people’s imagination and creativity through amazing challenges, which has brought more innovative development inspiration to all walks of life.




On the night of the event, after the official certification officer of Guinness announced the start of the challenge, the proprietress of the terminal store waiting on the spot and online started the lotus cream pressing step as regulated. In the whole scene online and offline, nearly 10,000 skilled beauty professionals were well-organized, featuring an impressive display of power or influence. Finally, they successfully completed the new challenging Guinness World Record™ Title of ‘Most people using the cream online and offline at the same time’ on time as regulated.


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This time, Luo Lih-Fen joined hands with terminal stores to complete this world-class challenge of volume, sound and weight, which is of great significance. At the challenge ceremony, Luo Lih-Fen, president of Luo Lih-Fen Holding, told the original intention of initiating this activity: Luo Lih-Fen has always maintained its original intention of “believing in professionalism and being determined to be beautiful”, and is bold in innovation and challenge. This time, with the help of our popular Lotus Cream, we had become more closely connected with the end users and gained a unique sense of pride, honor and accomplishment.


总裁致辞图 (1).jpg总裁致辞图 (2).jpg



The Ingenious Design and Technology Empowerment Lighted the Greatest Charm of Lotus Cream


In fact, as the leading upstream operator for the beauty industry in China, Luo Lih-Fen has always been a practicer of development and progress. Since last year, it has successively won the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Award, and its scientific research strength has been deeply recognized. In the face of many proud achievements, Luo Lih-Fen keeps walking, continues to write the brand history with hard strength and confidence, and makes the beauty of the East proud again in the world.


As a phenomenal single product of Luo Lih-Fen Group, Lotus Cream has frequently appeared in high-end fashion magazines such as RayLi Fashion Pioneer and Bazaar, and in excellent fashion beauty TV programs such as Pretty Women, Fashion Beauty, Fashion Makeupetc., and has been recommended via CCTV advertisements and won many star fans.


In 2021, Lotus Cream became the first product with its professional line brand winning the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions Award. No matter how the market changed, Lotus Cream still used its rising achievements to defend its unshakable reputation as a popular product.


Photo of Rao Huanwen, the General Manager - The small print below the photo: Rao Huanwen, the General Manager illustrates the ingenious technology of the Lotus Cream.



On the basis of the existing brand assets, Luo Lih-Fen has been adhering to the concept of ‘believing in professionalism and being determined to be beautiful’ from beginning to end, making further breakthroughs in the field of scientific research and innovating with the virtue of inheritance, giving international recognition to the quality of China-made products, strengthening the self-confidence of China-made brand culture, and showing the high professional standards of the beauty industry in China.




After 36 years of ingenious design, we can see today’s Luo Lih-Fen, the pathfinder of the beauty industry in China, and the record keeper of Guinness World Record™ Title! And this is the pride of all of us!


Record Keeper of the Guinness World Record™ Title

Luo Lih-Fen did it!



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