“New Beginning • Happy Year of the Tiger” Luo Lih-Fen Group Held the Birthday Party of January 2022

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Luo Lih-Fen Group held the first birthday party of 2022 on the afternoon of January 17. The prefer ceremony is for employees who were born in January. In the Leisure Center at 6/F, the Human Resources Administration Department prepared delicious desserts, sweet cakes, fresh fruits and various snack for birthday people who could not wait to taste those food!


The busy year is coming to an end. At the January birthday party, the members of the Human Resources Administration Department prepared a few games for birthday people. All of them enjoyed a relaxing and cheerful birthday party with much mirth and excitement.


Zhang Zhaohua, Deputy General Manager of Production, was invited to this birthday party. He appreciated employees’ effort on behalf of our Group and said that employees have promoted Luo Lih-Fen Group’s development and employees’ perseverance has led to our Group’s current achievements. Happy birthday to everyone. He also wished everyone a happy birthday. The birthday people lit candles carrying blessings, made wishes, sang birthday songs, and cut birthday cakes with good wishes together. Wish everyone a better year in 2022!


The January birthday party ended perfectly with the sound of movie. Hope you spend every spring, summer, autumn and winter with our Company and made the greatest achievement of your life...

A Birthday

is not only the beginning of life

but also the start of hope.

Thank you for your quiet dedication in 2021.

Let us continue to work together with one heart in 2022!

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