Luo Lih-Fen Group Participated in the Activity of "Public-spirited Blood Donation by Hundreds of Businesses and Thousands of People"

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On the morning of March 31, the company's Party Branch, Labor Union, Family Planning Association, and Human Resources Administration Department organized employees to participate in the activity of "Public-Spirited Blood Donation by Hundreds of Businesses and Thousands of People" organized by Xiamen Hairdressing & Beauty and Cosmetics Industries Association at Xiamen Center Blood Station. Xiamen Center Blood Station awarded the company the "Gold Award for Contributions" and awarded honorary certificates to employees who participated in blood donation last year.


Filling in the Registration Form


Waiting in Line for a Physical Examination


Conducting Voluntary Blood Donation


Voluntary Blood Donation is the Most Honorable




More than 30 employees participated in the activity and successfully donated a total of 4,100 ml of blood. Voluntary blood donation is a public-spirited activity that the company organized every year. It is not only conducive to promoting the spirit of selfless dedication, but also a way for the company to give back to society. The blood is limited but the sincerity is priceless. The company's employees express their sincere emotion of caring for society and selfless dedication spirit with practical actions.

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