Origin of the brand

The story of DRAISE begins with a romantic love story on the stage…         

In the 1950s
New York, the U.S

        An ordinary young man in the school of biology was in love with an elegant girl who
dances ballet. The youngest and most beautiful white swan on the stage stole his heart and
he chose to wait silently among numerous pursuers. Ten years passed like a single day, and
the young man became a researcher at EOS research institute. As time goes by, the white
swan had experienced the peak of her stager career and was about to be replaced by
another ballerina. In order to protect the dream stage and the original beauty of his lover,
the research worked day and night, striving to discover the secret of staying beautiful. Finally,
he managed to discover the core bio-energy for delay against aging process and nourish the
skin. He worked out the delay-aging bio skincare products and transform the white swan into
an eternal moment on the stage, which is elegant and time-reversing. The research’s
commitment gave his lover a chance of going back to the stage, and contributed to the
ten-year-long deep affection. The researcher then named the time-locking products DRAISE
in honor of dream and love. 

       DRAISE products have not only offered the most luxurious love, but launched a revolution
in skincare field with biotechnology energy, and opened up limitless possibilities of innovative
skin repair solutions.

       With the concept of “time-reversing youth, and eternal elegance”, DRAISE products
strive to establish the professional brand in beauty professional-line and household care.

Core Concepts of the Brand

1.DRAISE products are dedicated to carrying out bioesthetics projects, opening up a new
chapter for time-reversing skin nourish, glowing the skin energy, building youthful skin, and
awakening the women’s inherent confidence and elegance, so as to re-achieve the beauty

2. source of beauty. The 10-year effort freezes the youth of skin!

3. We work with a scientific research institution with international certificate of excellence,
and open up the bright future for skincare!

4. Innovative production technology, strict precision standards, and make excellent beauty

【Core Positioning of DRAISE】

DRAISE new idea of skincare

flattens the wrinkle of time, and find a way out for discovering the beauty of life

Core Values of DRAISE


Modern medical research shows that all skin problems come from the damage and aging
of skin.
In light of this, DRAISE integrates biotechnology and biological engineering of allogeneic tissue


DRAISE products apply the Cosmetic technology, nourish the damaged skin fundamentally,
maintain the optimized balance of body tissues, and improve the aging conditions of the
skin from inside to outside.


Following the scientific principles of skin metabolism and skincare, SUNLILY products add
multiple highly nutritious ingredients so as to let the skin receive on-going nourish and care,
and hold up the aging process.


Luo Lih-fen Group applies modern skin preventive medical ideas, and works with more than ten
institutions at home and abroad, such as EOS Medical Group and Peking Union Medical College
Affiliated to Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Thanks to the joint efforts made by over 50
skin experts, cosmetics formula experts, and plant active matter research experts, SUNLILY
skincare products came into being through ten-year experimental verification.