Brand Profile:

In 1987, Ms. Luo Lih-fen was impressed by the skincare concepts among the upper class in France.
After that, she decided to inherit the classic skincare formula of applied by the royal family in
France, and worked with more than ten institutions at home and abroad, such as EOS Medical
Group and Peking Union Medical College Affiliated to Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.
Thanks to the joint efforts made by over 50 skin experts, cosmetics formula experts, and plant active
matter research experts, the company applied modern skincare technology innovation and created
classic skincare products through continuous research and improvement, targeting at the skin type
unique to Asian women. The company created the SUNLILY brand, which used the founder’s
English name, promoted the brand in Asian market, and brought about beauty miracles for more
and more Asian women in new era.

In 2008, SUNLILY brand officially entered the market in mainland China.


Sun means the sunlight, representing commitment, sharing, and love;

Lily means the flower lily, representing youth, beauty, and dream.

Like the sunlight shining upon the earth and motivating vitality, awakening the inherent dazzling energy,
the company aims to share the SUNLILY products with every independent and confident women who
have dreams.

Brand keywords: Confidence, Motivation, Awakening, Refreshing, Booming with Energy

Brand Philosophy: to awaken inherent glaring energy


Find your sparkling beauty!

“Skin and appearance is what you are born with, but charm is something you are able to create by yourself.”

SUNLILY aims to create the dazzling beauty and make it your unique and inherent charm.

Not only for the clean, clear and dazzling skin, we are also seeking for your confidence and pride that
you are born with.

Be fearless to the rage of life and the mark of time. Be a princess from inside to outside.

Renewal from now on.

Change every single day of your life, and feel the amazing change on every inch of your skin.

Let the culture of beauty become the mark of SUNLILY.

Be confident and brilliant. Rejoice in the full bloom of yourself.

Brand philosophy (messages passed on to the customers)

# Being independent and confident. Beauty is the footstone of success.

# Remain beautiful is an essential matter in life.

# Beauty is the recipe for success.

# Beauty deserves to be offered to the whole world. 

Core values of the products:

1. Meet the multi-layered demands with thorough care

SUNLILY products target at the different growth characteristic, such as upper epidermis,
lower epidermis, and corium layer; the products supplement nutrition accurately, improves the skin condition,
and maintains the healthy state of the skin, making it white, smooth, elastic, and shiny.

2. Individual refined skincare

There are different skin problems for different skin types; different areas on the same face have different
demands. SUNLILY makes the breakthrough in the single-solution skincare, and takes good care of every inch
of your skin. The most suitable is the best.

3. international fashion trend

SUNLILY products follow the rules of skin growth, and propel cosmetology to
s new peak based on the theories and technologies of “cytology”, “dermatology”, “cryomedicine”, and
“preventive medicine”.