Brand Profile:

Exclusive experienced reserved for honorable ladies; a classic model of luxurious lifestyle.
GLINGLUO is an exclusive skincare brand owned by the Luo Lih-fen Group, which offers its
customers with a classic and luxurious experience.

In 1986, the Beauty Ambassador Luo Lih-fen introduced the brand of GLINGLUO into Asian Market,
and then transformed it into a high-end product through continuous research and innovation.
In 2004, GLINGLUO officially entered the market of mainland China.

With dozens of years of skincare experience, together with the persistent pursuing for beauty,
GLINGLUO applies the concept of forging ahead with determination and innovation, and initiates
the legend in the field of professional skincare. GLINGLUO is committed to integrating its noble,
romantic, classic cultural atmosphere and Chinese women’s skincare demands, in order to create
skincare products that are more suitable for the skin of Chinese women and ranking among the
outstanding skincare products in the field. GLINGLUO has become one of the featured brands of
Luo Lih-fen Group.

Brand Keywords: Classic, Nobleness, Inheritance, Elegance

Brand Concept:

With the spirit of classic, elegance, and inheritance, the beauty lasts forever.

With dozens of years of skincare experience, together with perseverance in pursuing innovation
and passion for beauty, 
GLINGLUO brings about novel skincare experience and makes the unique
beauty of oriental women known around the world. 

Brand Philosophy ( messages passed on to the customers): 

The skin has its own spirit. It rewards you the same way you treat your skin! 

Take good care of every inch of your skin!

GLINGLUO says no to the aging process!

GLINGLUO makes a woman beautiful from the outside to the inside, while time works the magic
from the inside to the outside.

Values of GILNGLUO

Delay-aging • GLINGLUO

Modern medical science shows that all the skin problems come from damaged and aged skin cells.
Only be solving the problem of skin aging can we maintain the state of skin. GLINGLUO skincare
products possess unique ingredients; with frequent usage, the skin will remain young, moist,
plump, and healthy.

Nourish • GLINGLUO

GLINGLUO products have applied advanced bioengineering technology, super critique extraction
technology and monomer composition purification technology. The extracted nutritional ingredients
nourish and nourish the damaged skin, maintain the balanced state of optimized tissues, and slows
down the aging process from inside to outside.

Maintaining • GLINGLUO

GLINGLUO keeps to the rules of skin metabolism and scientific principles of skincare, and there are
multiple rich skincare ingredients added into the products, so as to provide non-stop nourish and
care for your skin and slow down the aging process. 


Luo Lih-fen Group complies with modern skin preventive medicine, and works with prestigious
scientific research institutions, such as EOS Pharmaceutical Group in the U.S, Biochemical Medicine
Center in Taiwan Industrial Research Institute. Thanks to the joint efforts made by over 20 skin experts,
cosmetics formula experts, and plant active matter research experts, GLINGLUO skincare products
came into being through five-year experimental verification.