Spread Love and Contribute to the Society ——Our company Participated in the Voluntary Blood Donation Activity and Tax Authority-Enterprise-Party Co-building Activities Held by Taxation Bureau of Zhang

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Under the theme of “Learning ideology, strengthening party spirit, make contribution with passion, and acting on the original aspiration”, Thematic Party Day and the voluntary blood donation activity was held on September 18th at Taxation Bureau of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone. As a cooperative unit of tax authority-enterprise Party co-building in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, the company’s party branch, labor union, Communist Youth League, and family planning association actively organized employees to participate in these activities, dedicating love and spreading warmth through concrete actions.


At the scene, everyone lined up in an orderly manner to fill out forms, have their blood tested, and donate blood. The blood donors expressed that the voluntary blood donation is an act of love. They said, “We should interpret what is love, responsibility, and commitment through concrete actions, and bring more attention to this cause.”

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A drop of blood is a share of love; a bag of blood is full of love! Our company organizes employees to donate blood voluntarily every year. In recent years, the company has been devoted to public welfare, encouraging more and more employees to join in voluntary blood donation and become promoters and practitioners of voluntary blood donation. Our company conveys great love through practical actions, demonstrating the spirit of fulfilling social responsibility. With their enthusiasm and love, they gather the drops of blood into an endless river of life, helping more people in need to continue their lives.

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